About Us

Felix apartments is a family owned business, which had its beginnings in West Lafayette, Indiana, in 1974. Since 1981, the apartment business has been a full time occupation. I, Stan Felix,  was a student renter at Purdue University and one of my goals is to offer clean, nice, and reasonably priced apartments with a level of maintenance that exceeds the norm. My wife, Barbara, and I, and our four children have all been involved in the rental process over the years.

As a family business we offer more flexibility than a corporation or large apartment complex. We can make adjustments in our normal operating routine to meet tenant needs when we feel the occasion or situation warrants it. At the very least, we will listen to your concerns and consider your requests for change or adjustment.

We have enjoyed getting to know many tenants the past 41 plus years, and some of these have become life long friends. One very nice part of being in a university setting, like Purdue University, is the opportunity to meet and interact with students and staff from many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures.

We like older homes and the unique features that they have to offer. The home we now live in and remodeled was built in the 1920’s. When you rent an apartment from us you are not getting a cookie-cutter apartment with thin walls and no character!

Although we had a much larger selection of apartments close to Purdue in the past years, we still own four great properties. One of which is in high demand, since it is walking distance to Purdue University.

Our Lafayette apartments are 2-3 miles from campus. These apartments offer lower rent prices than in West Lafayette.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at our home number. 765 742-6604.